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Majority of text on this website will be about PPC (pay per click) and majority of it will be about Google AdWords. There are many reasons for it but main reason is that majority of our time is actually spent on AdWords. But, there will also be some information about Yandex Direct and Bing advertising.


Analytics is one of most needed tools in today digital world. With Google analytics you can discover any data, or should we say patterns in data and turn them in meaningful information. With this information you can improve performances of your website or apps. Best of all is that this analytical tool is free.


From time to time you have to interact with other people even on internet. Joking aside, social is becoming more and more important part of digital marketing world (do we dare to say - for SEO even). More and more people, and business, are using social media to interact and sell their goods.

Human resources

One of most important aspects of all businesses. HR play an important part of developing any organization into a success. In future - this could actually be called "AI communication". Until then, we are still bound to have "human" colleagues and try to have best possible team relations and environment.

In what do we believe?

1. Acquiring more knowledge makes you better

2. Do not believe everything

3. Honesty above all else

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