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Digital marketing is something that we are dealing with since year 2008. This is the year when some of us started working with our first AdWords campaigns. But, we are exhibiting interest in everything that is connected with "internet" all the way from early 90s. Today, many years and lots of different operating systems later, the desire to learn something new is still strong as 25 years ago.
Although we have diplomas from non-IT faculties - we are seeing that as a advantage. Because, everything we have learned - we have learned ourself. And sometimes - it is better to learn thru right-and-wrong process then reading about it. Yes, it can take more time than usually but thru this process we have gained something that nobody can buy - experience!
There is also one very important conclusion we have gained thru that process. Do not believe everything that you read on internet. In whole our experience there were numerous examples where we have find better ways to conduct or optimize PPC campaigns then some of instructions we have read on very popular marketing blogs.

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"Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it."

- Augustine of Hippo

We have successfully learned know-how in numerous agencies & companies. We have knowledge, among others, about Google AdWords, Google Analytics, SEO (search engine optimization), Yandex Direct, social networks...

All of which are "technologies" that are changing and evolve on daily basis and with every moment are more and more interconnected. This constant changing and evolution is something that interests us in digital marketing world.

We have successfully used this knowledge not only at daily work but also on some of our own projects. This allowed us to test various theories and assumptions. In this way we are always aware of the latest trends. This also helps us in great deal to successfully make a decision about what actually works in today world of digital marketing.

Website & Blog:

This website is originally launched for a reason to write and share opinions about different things that touch all areas of digital marketing. However, from time to time, there could be some of the text that are a little less connected with marketing and more connected with some other topics. And although some of us are a Trekkie - we promise that there will not be any such topics 😉
All texts included on this web page are written in good faith to share ideas and knowledge that we have about certain things. Who knows, maybe we'll encourage you, who are reading this, to share some of your knowledge and ideas with us. In any case, we are grateful that you are reading this and that you are finding texts on this website and blog interesting. We hope you've learned something or that we encouraged you to further explore a particular theme.


All rights reserved. All texts that are published on this web page are owned by its author(s). No part of this website or texts may be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the author(s). For permission requests, contact us thru contact form, or by sending us email at: info @ croagen.com
The views and opinions expressed in the articles and/or comments on this Web site are personal views of author(s) and do not reflect the views of any business partners and/or the company/agency where author(s) is(are) working and/or where he/she worked.

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1. Acquiring more knowledge makes you better

2. Do not believe everything

3. Honesty above all else

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