Google Primer – great marketing app 4 learning

Google Primer is an excellent example of an application if you want to learn new (or renew old) knowledge regarding online marketing as well as marketing in general. I must say that I was sceptical when reading description of this new application. It was claiming that all (online) marketing concepts are described and explained in a very clear and simple way. But my doubts disappeared after only a few minutes of using Google Primer application.

Primer covers some of the basic areas of marketing with a focus on Internet marketing. The areas covered are: Advertising (emphasis on online advertising), Content (everything related to writing web content), Measurement (how to track a variety of data), Strategy (general advice on various online strategies).

The application itself is very simple and without a lot of clutter. After installing it on your phone you need to log in with your Google Account - which is not surprising because this is the official Google app. The first thing you will see is the option of choosing between the lessons that have been featured, all lessons or those that you have selected them for later viewing.

Google primer welcome screen

If you select the featured lessons then you will see a list of lessons from different areas of marketing, as well as the average duration (for reading these lessons) and the author of these lessons.

Primer featured lessons

If you selected "all lessons" then you will get a menu from which you choose areas in which you are interested.

Primer all lessons

Selecting one of these areas of interest you will get a list of all the lessons they offer.

Primer Strategy Lessons

After you have chosen a lesson that you find interesting, you will see a small slide - every lessons have a number of them - usually with a few sentences on each slide. Slides are changing themselves by moving fingers up (or down if you want to return to the previous one). It is interesting that in almost every lesson you have a small "game" where you check your knowledge (about what you have just read - just click on the "lets explore this more").

Primer Lesson Seo


Google Primer - lessons, but with fun


The games are quite simple but also quite different. What you need to do in this games is from put certain things where they should go ...

Primer SEO Quiz

... Through quizzes in which you have to choose whether it is a proper use or not ...

Primer Do Dont Game

... Games where you have to use the knowledge they have just learned (also where you immediately see the result)...

Primer Game Seo Title Description

... Finding certain objects in the picture ..

Primer Game Socks

... And inevitable puzzle games!

Primer Game AdRank

All games are structured in a way where you have to immediately use the knowledge that you've just read. They are very simple and very easy to remember. Therefore, I believe that these games will easily explain online marketing concepts to beginners.

Do not forget to review your profile in Primer application - you can see all the lessons that you have read, the most important things from those lessons but also any "slide" that you selected as particularly interesting. For certain lessons at the end you have a "bonus" in terms of links to web pages where mentioned topics are further processed.

Primer Account Recaps lessonsIf you know someone who is just starting in online marketing you can certainly recommend this application to him - it will guide him through the basic concepts in an easy and fun way. I admit that this is one of the few applications that stays on my phone because I am interested in the new lessons that should come on a weekly basis.

My recommendations.

Černoga Davorin

Digital marketing specialist with years of expertise in the field of search engine marketing. Since 2015. he is in charge of supervising & training a constantly growing team of digital marketing specialists in Escape Ltd. Always looking for the opportunity of a personal development and new experiences.

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